Wednesday, August 7, 2013

late post: i heart PARIS!

after a week of stay in Mauleon, we headed to Paris for the 2nd part of our France getaway. :)

May 11, 2012 Paris, France! finally! 

 my BFF & I excited to explore Paris! - Aerial view from the plane - waiting for our room assignment -  chillin' in our room - chilaxing bago gumala
first destination, Sacre Cour!
 @Sacre Cour - this church location is so high that you will see the beautiful scenery of Paris

along Montmartre district going to Moulen Rouge, we saw these shop and thingy is so common in this area...

After some blocks away is the famous Moulin Rouge! 

then we headed to Notre Dame Cathedral...wasn't able to see the hunchback because the church is closed already. hehe

Dine at some fancy place...don't know this place :)

May 12, 2012 Eiffel Tower - Trocadero - Seine River Cruise - Paris at night!
 finally climbed up the Eiffel Tower after hours on the que! Crossed out from my bucketlist! Yey

 @Trocadero Garden

 our Seine River Cruise

Paris @ night! 
Equestrian Statues of King Louis XIV, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, 
Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Élysées

May 13, 2013 we spent the wholeday in Disneyland then to Lido de Paris to watch their French cancan revue! A very hectic day! Wasn't able to watch the disney parade because we're running out of time for Lido especially that disneyland is way far from the city. 
childhood dream came true! 

Lido the Paris is the counter part of Moulin Rouge but it's located in Champs-Élysées. Cancan dancers are very goooood!!! So graceful, sexy and beautiful! at first i thought they are all gays haha

May 14, 2012 we stroll along Champ-Elysees - the most famous avenue in the world with 2 kms long. we also stopped by at the presidential palace (just outside). Streets are quite busy for the preps of the proclamation of newly elected President Hollande.
finally taste laduree macaroons! it cost me almost 100aed just for 8pcs of small macaroons! haha - infront of fouquet restaurant (this was featured in Midnight in Paris movie) - we entered a hotel at ngpapicture lang - view of Place de la Concorde monument - walking along champ elysee - infront of France presidential palace

In the evening of May 14, Alvin and I went back to Montmartre to buy some souvenirs and while going back to our hotel..there, i witnessed some couple of people drinking their liquor inside the train plus a bonus of snatching scene! super takot ko talaga at as in nanginginig buong kalamnan ko! haha

May 15, 2012 the memorable day! We visit Chateu de Versailles. The location is quite far from the city and we almost lost our way kc nakakalito ang pagsakay sa train. This particular day is so cold and before reaching Versailles there's a heavy rain with super konting snow. Me and alvin were laughing kc super dress ako tapos I was wearing 2 stockings kc sobrang lamig talaga! haha 

 different ceilings...magnificent!

statues - hall of mirror (they have lots of chandeliers inside this hall - 
painting of the king - bed of the princess (i wonder if how does it feel to lay in this bed)

and this are my Princess Sarah moments in the palace! :)

but while i'm enjoying my princess Sarah moments in Versailles back from our hotel someone was enjoying himself / herself rummaging our stuff! When we're back in our hotel, our stuff are not into places and found out that my money was stolen ! i've lost my Eur300 and aed100 to be exact. sorrow. :(

May 16, 2012 our last day! Last hurrah was in Louvre Museum. Paintings and sculptures are amazing! These collections are real gems of the world.

finally, the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci!
              the famous Monalisa - Portrait of La Belle Ferronniere - Saint Jean-Baptiste

May 17, 2012 back to base...dubey!

This experience is such an epic and one of the highlights of my existence talaga, coz I know that not everyone are given the chance to experience this. I was really greatful that God has given me that chance to see His wonders and the works of his talented people.

BTW, I realized that somehow this trip helps me to boost my self confidence, i don't know why but I've read it once that traveling would really help someone to boost the confidence and it really happens for me. :)

so 'til next trip again! Goal for next year ---> Italy! Help me to pray for this plan please! :)

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