Saturday, June 1, 2013

My not so late RESOLUTIONS

Since I am already 30+ with some health issues, I have to be very careful and take really good care of my health. So even if it’s mid of the year already, I decided to make my resolutions to do some changes in my life style. My goal for doing this resolutions is to become MORE HEALTHY, because Azee's HEALTH equates to her LOVELIFE. hahaha

Oh yes! During my 31st birthday, my primary wish is to become healthy because I know that the Big guy up there won’t send my God’s Gift if I don’t have a healthy body and mind!

For those who will read this entry, I ask you to pray for me so I will have the courage to do these resolutions faithfully and that the word "LAZINESS" will be defeated by my conviction to have a healthy lifestyle. 

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I always tend to skip breakfast because I’m so lazy to wake up early. But since I have issues with my digestion, I have to have proper breakfast and lunch, then lessen my dinner intake instead.

Action: starting tomorrow, I’ll wake up at 6:30am and have my breakfast J

My very first cardiologist told me to do brisk walking regularly to normalize my blood pressure but I’m too lazy to go out whenever I enter to my room. I hate it when I’m sweating but I think I have to start loving it coz it will save me life.

I’ve read it long time ago that when we are sweating it releases toxins in our body and lower the stress level at ito ang kailangan ko!

Action: I’ll go for a walk atleast thrice a week or enroll for yoga class.

Long time ago, I love reading. I can read a novel in a week but after having 24 hour internet access from office and at home, I’ve got no time at all to browse my books. I’ve got addicted in to social networking, net surfing and reading different articles online instead of reading my books.

Action: Time to revive that habit that I’ve neglected for a long time, I’ll read my books. Atleast 1 book per month.

4. Give time for QUITE TIME. 
When I was still new here in Dubai, every night, I always have room to have my quite time. I can read my bible, listen to some worship song and pray. Then all of a sudden, I’ve got preoccupied with different things that block my time until I don’t have my quite time at all. :(

Action: To keep me sane from all the “noise” of this world, I’ll do this as non-negotiable task that must not be neglected everyday.

Never learned to do this but I really wanted to try. If some people could sleep early so am I.

Action: Time Management so I could finish what I needed to do then sleep early. My maximum is until 11pm.