Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Angels without Wings

 Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety 
 Proverbs 11:14

I’m an OFW and living far away from my family is one the struggle that I am facing everyday. Especially those times when my parents got hospitalized and I wasn’t physically there to take care of them. I’m just thankful that my siblings are in Philippines to look after our folks when such circumstance happens.

But what happened if an OFW got sick and she doesn’t have any relatives to take care of her?

I am alone here in Dubai and am living together with a community friend. For the last couple of months my health has been suffering and was rushed back & forth to the hospital. Since my family is away, I have to deal with my situation together with my friends – my angels without wings.

I’m so grateful to God that He has given me people to be an instrument of His love while I am away from my family. People that would take care of me, accompany me to the hospital when I needed to, comfort me whenever I’m afraid, strengthen me when I feel discouraged, laugh with me to loosen my anxieties, spare their precious time just to entertain me and pray for me when I needed it the most. And for that, I want to honor them for the love that they have shown upon me all through out our friendship. These people are my sisters in the Single for Christ community and I’m so blessed and really grateful that I’ve found genuine friendship with them. In a place like Dubai, true friends are treasures that you have to cherish and be grateful everyday.

BTW, I just realized while typing their names that they’re all started with letter M! Weird!

      my caretaker, confidant & shopping buddy! she's my roomy andwas one of my Household members for almost 2 years. She’s the person who always accompanies me to the hospital even in the wee hours of the night and even took a day off for me just to take care of me during my endoscopy. I can’t thank her enough for the time that she has given to me. She’s one of those people who never cease to listen to all my complaints and encourage me during those low moments of my life.

a person with a very generous heart. Together with Maricar,     we developed our friendship when we were on the same household prayer 2 years ago. I remember her rushing to the hospital and slept at my place; embrace me while we I’m sleeping as if I’m her younger sister. She’s always there ready to go extra miles for    all of her friends. Whenever she knows that I need someone to be with, she will offer me her place for a sleepover. She’s the person who encouraged me to pray the Rosary  once again.

       my mentor, my prayer warrior, my sister, my gorgeous friend. A wonderful person inside and out. The ever generous when it comes to her time, material things, lending her ears to listen, spend extra effort just to reach out with someone. She never fails to inspire me with her wisdom. A true encourager of life. I can’t thank her enough for the encouragement and inspiration that she has given to me especially when those times that I’m troubled to make a decision whether to stay here or go back home. I am who I am because papa God used her as an instrument to be an inspiration to me when it comes to serving HIM.

the epitome of simplicity. She inspired me of her simplicity. Awoman of few words.  I am thankful that God showered all the desires of her heart even without asking HIM. She’s in Cambodia but we maybe away but she always made a point to check on me whenever she’s online. I thank her for all the encouragement whenever we talk and I admire her for being so strong enough give up what she started here in Dubai just for the man she loves.


  1. real friends are hard to find. they're like precious stones..

    tulad ko, i was just hospitalized these past few days because of mild heart attack. i didn't let my family know this para hindi na sila magworry.. i'm just thankful to God for giving me wonderful friends na tumulong, nagbantay at nag-alaga saken..

    God bless you and your friends.. :)

    PS: same impression with Mench, she's very simple. Maru looks makulit and brainy, Mai is a bit maldita but charming and Maricar, she has this jolly personality i think. :)

    1. kumusta ka naman ngaun? are you also an ofw? yeah, we're really blessed to find people like them who would take care of us..

      galing ng impression mo's true maru is brainy and makulit...mai, is a bit maldita pero mabait...mench, yes, simple lang talaga xa at si car, jolly nga. :)

      teka e ako ano impression mo sa akin? hahaha

      nway, be safe and get well soon. I pray for your fast recovery. God bless you too.

  2. ouchhh i have just read this heartfelt affirmations! Likewise, you are one of the most wonderful & beautiful person i've ever met!!! <3 <3 <3