Thursday, August 1, 2013

late post: Mauleon and away

it's a super late post...

It’s more than a year when my BFF & I travelled to France to attend the wedding of our friend in Mauleon, France. After the wedding the couple arranged some side trips for their visitors and this includes Lourdes, San Sebastian – Spain, Biarritz & Paris.

This trip is my very first European vacation and my 30th birthday gift for myself. Never did I imagine that I will be going to places in one shot of a trip. 

May 4, 2012 our flight (Dubai - Paris - Pau) then we had our dispedida de soltera for ate Rida and dinner at our host place. 

May 5, 2012 the BIG day! Their wedding ceremony is really different compare to Filipino tradition. First, everyone will have to go to the Municipal Mayor's office to witness the couple signing their contract then will proceed to the Church for the wedding proper. After the wedding, everyone will go to the reception to have the best time of their life! Eating - singing - dancing - drinking til dawn! I can't imagine that we left the reception at 4am the following day and the other guests are still dancing! We we're like freezing zombies because of the super duper cold weather. 

May 6, 2012 we had our lunch in the same venue where the wedding reception took's up in the mountain! very scenic and serene!

...we're able to roam around Mauleon town center after our lunch...this place is so refreshing! Go green!

May 7, 2012 we went to Lourdes and on our way we are welcomed with this alps! 

The Basilica of our Lady of the Rosary - Lourdes

after our visit from Lourdes, we headed to Les Grottes de Betharram which was discovered in 1810. 

May 8, 2012 San Sebastian, Spain! 
     Good Shepherd Cathedral                           La Concha Bay                      Basilica of St. Mary of the Chorus

then to Biarritz! It is a luxurious seaside town and is popular with tourists and surfers.
                                                                    St. Martin's Church

May 9, 2012 we visited a Jurancon winery! 

May 10, 2012 our last day! we went to house of Espadrilles and got a pair for myself and my niece!

and had our last dinner @ Mauleon. the guy in the lower right is our sponsor with his GF. :) the kiddos are the grooms nephew and niece while the other lolo is papa Pedro. :)

Thank you Mama Catherine, Papa Pedro & Manong sponsor (i forgot his name) for adopting us for 1 week. Sana e makabalik uli kami jan :)

Staying in Mauleon is my best vacation ever. Malinis, tahimik, madami food, fresh ang hangin at malamig! Thank you papa God for this experience and for seeing the other side of the world. 

Next post...our Paris trip!

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