Friday, April 19, 2013

azee on TOP!

"God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." (Genesis 1:31)

It’s because I am midget that I always wanted to climb on top! :)

1st climb: Skypark - Singapore (January 2012)
Booked a ticket with 5 hours layover just to go to this place :)

2nd climb: Eiffel Tower - Paris (May 2012)
Yey! it's a dream come true! Despite of the long line before we finally's so sulit to see the view all over Paris :)

3rd climb: Burj Khalifa - The Top - Dubai (April 2013)
I've finally climbed the tallest building in the world-world-world! Though you won't really go to the top of this building but you will climb up to the 124th floor in less than a minute. 

Thank you papa God for giving me the opportunity to see the vastness of your creation. Hoping for more sky crappers to climb-up in the future! :)

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, papa God gave me a chance to work in company that manufactures one of the most prestigious cars in the world. If you know Mercedes Benz, that’s it. Yes, I worked there. I myself couldn’t believe that once in my life I’ll be able to work in this kind of company…in a real corporate world and be a Personal Assistant of the Chief Financial Officer. O ha??? Bilib na kayo sa akin noh??? hahaha

Never did I imagine that I will be touching and seating those cars that I am seeing on TV or in the magazines. Oh guys don’t get jealous, I just touch and seat on those cars but I wasn’t able to drive them coz I don’t know how to drive! Boo me! Haha Just to appease your jealousy, for 2 years of working there…while everyone is arriving with their “modelong” car….I on the other hand always arrived with my service everyday, a school type bus! Imagine a PA arriving in a yellow bus??? Well, that's me! hahaha! And by the way, I was also deprived from joining the AMG event! AMG event is one of the most awaited events every year because the employees will have the chance to drive Mercedes Benz AMG cars in a real circuit! Yes, it’s at Yas Marina Circuit where the F1 is being held. So kung marunong sana ako magdrive, I've got the chance to drive like a mad woman on that circuit! Chos! 

Enough of my bitterness...and let's get serious...

Personally, I'm really glad that I was given a chance to meet lots of people with different nationality and personality coz I developed one of the greatest skills that is really difficult to practice, and that is to be "humble".  Kaya kung meron lang award and bonus every month for Ms. Congeniality and Ms. Pasensyosa, for sure I will always bag the price at milyonarya na ako ngaun. :) I'm not bragging but for 2 years of working there, I realized that I always says "hi" or "hello" to every colleagues that I am seeing along the way. I know it sounds odd, but I love doing that. I love greeting and smiling to them even if my health is tumbling up & down. And since my work is not only assisting my boss, my other responsibility is to do most of the office administration job too. So here comes my pasensyosa's side came upon the limelight. It's not easy to administer the whole company with more than 130 employees for all their daily queries, requests & complaints etc. plus managing more than 70 company car fleet for all the managers and staffs - ang pinaka-madugo kong trabaho! haha - but i really did enjoy company car administration though. Madugo xa at nakakapagod at nakaka-stress but it's a joy whenever I see that my colleagues are pleased with their new cars every 6 months. :)

Despite of having an "overwhelming" job, I was able to do and enjoy it because I know that God had given me the grace to cope with all the "hiccups" in the office everyday. Knowing the battle that I'll be facing, I also lived with this mantra when I started working in that company "Work as if you are working with God".

Working in this company is such a great blessing for me and so as for my family coz I was able cope with my financial responsibilities consistently and got some of my dreams came true too. But time had come that papa God reminded me that there’s more to life than the financial blessings and the luxuries of life that I am receiving. There are more important things than those dreams that I wanted to achieve. There is my HEALTH that I have to pay attention to. So from that wisdom, I decided to resign and leave the company that gives me wealth (naks parang totoo haha) coz I wanted to RESTORE my health before it's too late. Sabi nga Health is Wealth. I want to restore the same Azee na masigla, malikot at lagnat lang ang nagiging sakit...My earnings couldn't buy the joy of doing stuff that I love without worrying that I might get sick afterwards. I want to enjoy the life that God once lend to me. :)

Now, enough of the drama naman...

As I was saying, I was able to touch and seat in different models of MB cars so let me brag about it just for once. Pagbigyan nyo na ako...wooot! nakisakay at naki-touch lang talaga ako dito! ahahaha 

this photo was taken during the exhibit for the 125th years celebration of MB in 2011