Monday, February 11, 2013

The Power of Anesthesia

So my gastroenterologist scheduled my endoscopy last week because I’ve been experiencing heartburn for years. I’m so nervous that they will insert an endoscope on my throat but thru the power of Anesthesia, I didn’t feel anything! Yes. NOTHING. Except that I forgot everything that happens. I was actually wondering whether they’ve injected an anesthesia or I had an amnesia because I literally don’t remember if how did I end up lying on my bed after the procedure. Car told me that I was awake when the nurse brought me back to my room and I was able to transfer from the stretcher to my bed all by myself. Ok fine…I still don’t remember…So imawalkingdead??? haha

Anyway, I thank God that He had given a vision to the Anesthesia inventor because it’s really a great relieved to all the patients who undergo some medical procedure. Imagine having an operation or giving birth without anesthesia??? Awwwtttsss!!! We will all definitely end up crying, fighting and cursing the doctor while undergoing the operation.

But because of the powerful anesthesia…I’m still able to smile and eat my late lunch after my endoscopy. J

If anesthesia made us numb for all the pain during the medical procedures, a dose of biblical verse would also help us to overcome the pain that we’re feeling physically, emotionally & spiritually. 

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