Friday, March 15, 2013


Since my parents are here in Dubai to spend their holiday, allow me to share their Dubai experience with you all. :) I’m really happy that my folks were able to experience and see what Dubai has to offer. So far 3 malls pa lang ang napupuntahan nila. 

Trying to make this visit a memorable for my parents in a simple and not so magastos as possible. I'm a simple OFW and don't have much of money to lavish them in different luxurious hotels / restaurants here in Dubai but I'll try my best to let my parents experience the best of UAE in my own simple way.

iFly is one of the attractions @ Mirdif City Center and it's always been a dream for me to try this out. But unfortunately I don't think that the cost of this experience is reasonable coz it almost cost my monthly mobile plan so I'd rather try their photo booth instead! Sabi ko nga...Safe na toh! Libre pa! My parents trying the photo booth...and look at the amazing ceiling of this mall...they put a lot of effort for folks are impressed.

@Mirdif City Center

 Met my parents and friends for a dinner @ Deira. We went to Shabu-shabu and the place is overseeing the Dubai Creek where most of the Dhow cruise are passing. The weather is so nice that you'll enjoy sipping the hot soup of shabu-shabu. They like it both and i'm thinking of having another stop before my parents went back to Philippines.

@Twin Tower

Dubai Festival City is one of my favorite mall here because it's not crowded and they have IKEA! Had our dinner at Toni Roma's and let my parents taste the French macaroons! I realized na adik din pala sa picture ang parents ko...kala ko ako lang..ung pala e nagmana ako sa kanila hihi

@Dubai Festival City

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